ANNOUNCEMENT - 7th Derrida Today Conference 2020 - CFP.

Marseille, France

From border, to border.

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Venue: Aix Marseille University, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, France

Date: Wednesday 10th – Saturday 13th JUNE 2020

Keynotes: *Hélène Cixous *Jean-Luc Nancy *Sam Weber (Northwestern) *Gil Anidjar (Columbia) *Danielle Cohen-Lévinas (Paris-Sorbonne) *Anne-Emmanuelle Berger (Paris 8)

Executive Director: Nicole Anderson (Editor of Derrida Today Journal (EUP); Macquarie University,
Sydney, Australia).

Conference Directors & Organizers: Francesca Manzari (Aix-Marseille Université), Stéphane Lojkine (Aix- Marseille Université), Nicole Anderson (Editor of Derrida Today Journal (EUP); Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia). See the derridatoday.com.au website for information about the Directors and other
committee organisers and volunteers.


 Derrida Today


Due dates for Abstracts and Panel Proposals: 30th November 2019 (notification of acceptance of abstracts will be by late-December 2019), abstracts to be sent to: derridatodayconference@gmail.com

The Derrida Today Conference will focus on the ongoing value of either Derrida’s work, or deconstruction, to the political-ethical, cultural, artistic and public debates and philosophical futures that confront us. The conference will be broadly interdisciplinary and invites contributions from a range of academic, disciplinary and cultural contexts. We will accept papers and panel proposals from scholars, academics and postgraduates, on any aspect of Derrida’s work, or deconstruction, in relation to various topics as well as contemporary issues. While the conference welcomes papers on diverse topics and from any discipline in relation to Derrida’s work and deconstruction, it is also interested in discussions around ‘borders’ in light of the current challenges we face in regards to migration and refugees (particularly between Europe and Africa-Middle East), climate change, eco-genocide, and Derrida’s thinking on democracy, community, mondialization and globalization in the face of current ‘border’ closures, heightened sovereign rule, and the European Union-Brexit crisis.



Individual Participants: in one Word document provide: 1) a 350 word abstract and title for a 20 minute paper, 2) a personal bio (no more than 200 words), 3) university affiliation and contact details including: mailing address (to send journal issues), email address, and mobile or contact phone number.

Panel Proposals: Panels will consist of 3 papers of 20 minutes delivery and 10 minutes discussion time each. Panel organizers should submit a Word document, with the following details: 1) an overall panel proposal of 350 words 2) 3 individual abstracts of no more than 350 words for each paper, 3) personal bios and contact details of each member: phone, email, affiliation, postage address (to send journal issues).

Due Date for Abstracts and Panel Proposals: 30th November 2019 Individual Abstracts & Panel Proposals should be sent as an attachment to ONLY the following address: derridatodayconference@gmail.com All enquiries about the conference, to this email address ONLY.

The conference is based on the journal Derrida Today (Chief Editor: Nicole Anderson). The journal is published by Edinburgh University Press, ISSN: 1754-8500. EUP Website: http://www.euppublishing.com/journal/drt NB: Information about the Conference, Registration, Keynotes, etc., as well as the Journal, can be found at The Derrida Today Website: https://derridatoday.com.au/