Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy

The journal Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy is published once every four months by Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos.

Articles must be original, unpublished, and not under consideration for publication anywhere else and can be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish

Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy prints articles, translations and critical book reviews. It also reprints papers that are considered fundamental to the area when authorized written permission is given by the original publisher.

Vol 6, No 3 (2005)

The praise of unselfish love in The Works of Love

Alvaro L. M. Valls

Translations of Kierkegaard,Christian love,d

The category of the edifying in the construction of the second ethics in Kierkegaard

Jorge Miranda de Almeida

edification,second ethics,love,otherness

Phenomenology of concealment and self-disillusionment in Kierkegaard

Patricia Carina Dip

I,other,reduplication,constitution of the su

The absolute dialectics of sin and the becoming of freedom

María J. Binetti

otherness,sin, freedom, possibility

The case of Pastor Adler and the Antichrist: the philosophy of religion between Kierkegaard and Nietzsche

Marcio Gimenes de Paula

Adler,Antichrist,Christianity, Christendom,mo

Kierkegaardian “Simultaneities” in H.-G. Gadamer’s thinking

Luiz Rohden


Sobre a relação entre juízo e graça em Migalhas filosóficas

Jonas Roos

O edificante em Hegel e Kierkegaard

Inácio Pinzetta

Kierkegaard não era kierkegaardiano: reflexões à moda de Kierkegaard

Camila Hochmüller

Unamuno entre Pessoa e Kierkegaard

Gabriel Guedes Rossatti

O legado intelectual de Søren Kierkegaard

Deyve Redyson M. Santos

Kierkegaard en France au XXe. siècle: archéologie d’une reception, de Hélène Politis

Alvaro L. M. Valls

As obras do amor - algumas considerações cristãs em forma de discursos, de S. Kierkegaard

Marcio Gimenes de Paula