Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy

The journal Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy is published once every four months by Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos.

Articles must be original, unpublished, and not under consideration for publication anywhere else and can be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish

Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy prints articles, translations and critical book reviews. It also reprints papers that are considered fundamental to the area when authorized written permission is given by the original publisher.

Vol 7, No 3 (2006)

Speech Act Theory as a pragmatic view on language

Danilo Marcondes de Souza Filho

pragmatics,Wittgenstein,Speech Act Theory

The adolescent and the “****ographic scene”

Eric Bidaud


The look and the voice in virtual times

Mario Fleig


Learning virtual communities and dialogical interaction: on bodiless presenciality

Margarete Axt

distance education, e-learning,virtual commun

Leibniz and Chomsky: convergence and divergence

Cristine Gorski Severo

Chomsky, innate, Leibniz,language,virtual

Consumerism, violence and drug use: the risks of neoliberalism

Marta Conte


The intercreative global village

Celso Candido

intercreativity,internet, hypertext,culture,

Dependent rational animals: why human beings need the virtues by Alasdair MacIntyre

José Nedel

O nascimento da vontade by Miklos Vetö

Eduardo da Silva Pereira

As encruzilhadas do humanismo: a subjetividade e a alteridade ante os dilemas do poder ético by Castor M. M. Bartolomé Ruiz

Giovana Dalmás

Filosofia, reconhecimento e direito by Agemir Bavaresco e Manuel Moreira da Silva

Inácio Helfer