Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy

The journal Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy is published once every four months by Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos.

Articles must be original, unpublished, and not under consideration for publication anywhere else and can be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish

Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy prints articles, translations and critical book reviews. It also reprints papers that are considered fundamental to the area when authorized written permission is given by the original publisher.

Vol 15, No 3 (2014)

Practical embodied cognition as a constructive process: Towards a more complex idea of the world by acting on it

Carlos Adriano Ferraz


What is the elimination of a(n) (ir)relevant alternative?

Emerson Carlos Valcarenghi

relevant alternatives theory,skepticism,the G

Moods and the ante-predicative foundation of propositional truth in Martin Heidegger (1929-1930)

Esteban Lythgoe

freedom,deep boredom, improperty

Paul Ricoeur: Metaphor and metaphysics

Rosa Maria Filippozzi Martini


The spirit of atheism in Locke

Antônio Carlos dos Santos


Body and space. Reflections on a topology of exteriority

Ricardo Espinoza Lolas, Paula Ascorra, Patricio Landaeta, Pamela Soto

Zubiri,Heidegger,Nietzsche,Hegel, body,SPACE,

The relevance and the meaning of the principle of publicity for a democratic political representation: Reflections based on Kant and Condorcet

Cristina Foroni Consani, Joel Thiago Klein

secret vote,publicity,representation,democrac

On the naturalization of Fregean senses

Nélida Gentile

teleosemantic theory,Fregean semantics,sense