Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy

The journal Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy is published once every four months by Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos.

Articles must be original, unpublished, and not under consideration for publication anywhere else and can be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish

Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy prints articles, translations and critical book reviews. It also reprints papers that are considered fundamental to the area when authorized written permission is given by the original publisher.

Vol 17, No 1 (2016)

Historicality and existential necessity in Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time

Robson Ramos Reis


On the “Idol of the Mind”: Edmund Husserl and Paul Valéry

Mindaugas Briedis

Edmund Husserl,Paul Valéry, phenomenology,con

Republican citizenship and freedom. The foundation of the concept of autonomy in the political constructivism of John Rawls

Carlos Medina Labayru

autonomy,republicanism,political identity,pol

The Antinomy of Practical Reason as absurdum practicum

Laura Alejandra Pelegrín

Kantianism,practical antinomy,,absurdum pract

Pleas against Balaguer’s superplatonism

Matías Alejandro Guirado


A review of Aristotle’s claim regarding Pythagoreans fundamental Beliefs: All is number?

Gabriele Cornelli

Ancient Philosophy,Pythagoreanism,Aristotle,n

Knowledge, Safety, and Questions

Brian Ball

epistemology,knowledge,problem of necessary t

Non-Epicurean Desires

Fabien Schang


Realism about What? Unobservable Entities and the Metaphysics of Modality

Bruno Borge

Scientific Realism,Modal Realism, Modality,No

Character, proper names, and Frege’s Puzzle

Filipe Martone

reference,Frege’s Puzzle,proper name,cognitiv

The masters of the Iberian School of Peace

Marlo do Nascimento