Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy

The journal Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy is published once every four months by Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos.

Articles must be original, unpublished, and not under consideration for publication anywhere else and can be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish

Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy prints articles, translations and critical book reviews. It also reprints papers that are considered fundamental to the area when authorized written permission is given by the original publisher.

Vol 18, No 3 (2017)

Is cognitive enhancement harmful? Personal affectation and independent value points of view

Daniel Loewe

pharmacological cognitive enhancement,harm on

Knowledge as a social kind Leandro De Brasi

Leandro De Brasi

epistemic anti-individualism,regulative epist

The role of tacit knowing in adherence to social norms Ozgur Aydogmus, Hasan Cagatay, Erkan Gürpinar, Fuat Oguz

adherence to norms,expertise,skillful coping

Arguments against Ronald Dworkin’s liberal egalitarianism

Andrea Luisa Bucchile Faggion


The art of thinking: Method and subjectivity in the Port-Royal Logic

Katarina Ribeiro Peixoto

Port-Royal, judgment,Art of Thinking,logical

Dreier on the supervenience argument against robust realism

Wilson Mendonça

moral realism,supervenience,Boolean closure,D

Spinoza’s argument for a bodily imagination

Nastassja Pugliese

Spinoza, imagination,body,attributes,Balling

A posteriori physicalism and phenomenal concepts: The a priori synthesizable objection

Julia Telles de Menezes

phenomenal concept,conceivability,physicalism

Separation and its language in Plato

Renato Matoso


Manipulation, character, and ego depletion: A response to Michael Cholbi

Aaron D. Brooks

manipulation,action theory,ego depletion,char

No rationality through brute-force

Danilo Fraga Dantas

finite reasoning,logical omniscience,efficien

Filosofia Política na Escolástica Ibero-Americana

Alfredo Culleton

Martin Azpilcuetaz’s political thought: On supreme power

Pedro Calafate

secular power,ecclesiastical power,justice,na

Religious language and the ideology of black slavery: Notes on Alonso de Sandoval’s De Instauranda Aethiopum Salute

Roberto Hofmeister Pich

colonial scholasticism,Black slavery,ideology

The right of reparation and natural freedom in De instauranda Aethiopum salute by Alonso de Sandoval S.J.

Márcio Paulo Cenci

Scholastica colonialis,slavery,Alonso de Sand

Natural law and “dominium”: An analysis on the basis of human rights in Domingo de Soto

Marcus Paulo R. Boeira


Restitution as a duty of justice in Tomás de Mercado

Alfredo Culleton

restitution,punishment,Tomás de Mercado,,colo

Dennis Schmidt and his conception of philosophical hermeneutics

Luiz Rohden, Dennis Schmidt

Human nature in an age of biotechnology

María Teresa Gargiulo